Stepping Stones to a Happier Life

In my 21, soon to be 22, years of living, life has thrown some real curve balls at me. Lately, I’ve been thinking about what life would be like if this or that did or didn’t happen to me. God has shown me that life isn’t always going to be perfect, but what is in His will shall always overcome into something better. It might be what I want or need at the moment, but in His timing I trust.

I wanted to share the key lessons that I’m starting to practice a lot more now because I just want to become a better, positive self overall. Using these lessons as stepping stones into a happier life for me is going to take me into a better place


•stay patient•

This is probably where I struggle the most. Even if it’s waiting to checkout in the longest line of the grocery store or being patient while driving with distracted drivers everywhere. We all know being patient isn’t the easiest thing, yet we still eventually get to wherever we need to go, or be. Having patience may even open a better door while you hurry for the one that has everything you need now because you choose not to wait.


•trust the process•

Trusting the process is very essential for learning to grow as a person. To me, it goes along with patience so that you can wait and trust what you will do with your life will come eventually. Learning to trust and see what God will do in your life is exciting because you don’t know the outcome. Throughout life, you will see the growth while trusting the process.


•practice gratitude•

Learning to practice gratitude can start off very simple. For example, you can write 3 things that you’re grateful for on a sticky note and put it on your bathroom mirror. That way at the end of the day, you can remember what you are grateful for that day and continue to be thankful for what it was.


•engage in your determination•

It is perfectly okay to take time out of the day to focus on yourself and what makes you happy. Focusing on the things that you want to do to become successful is important. Even practicing self care is part of getting to do what you are determined to be as a greater person.


•eliminate negativity•

This is, by far, the best stepping stone to a happier life. Once you eliminate that negativity, your life becomes so positive. It’s so much better to unfollow or unfriend that person on your Facebook that always has something bad to say. Delete whatever it is in your life that you feel isn’t impacting you in a positive way. When you do this, you will automatically see major improvements.


•make the best of every day•

Making the best of every day is a vital lesson that we need to constantly be thankful for. Smile at everyone you see. Say thank you to the person that held the door for you. Taking yourself out to the movies just for the fun of it. Embrace everyday with a thankful heart and you’ll see your life start to change.


What are your fav ways to make your lives happier?

August 15, 2017
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